Berlin Unwrapped

by Penny Croucher

My Berlin

Berlin is a city that conjures up strong images: Prussian and Kaisers, an outrageous nightlife, Nazi rallies, bombed-out buildings, Soviet tanks, the Berlin Wall and May Day riots. It has risen again from the chaos of ruins, survived 40 years of division and reinvented itself as the capital of a unified Germany. Berlin is once again a beacon of freedom, equality and creativity. It doesn’t put on airs and graces but delights in its cultural diversity; everyone is welcome and there is so much to experience in this continually evolving metropolis which functions as a multitude of neighbourhoods.

My belief is that we can all be Berliners and share in the unique Berlin feeling. This blog is the continuing story of ‘Berlin Unwrapped’ my guidebook to the German capital. My aim is to keep unwrapping Berlin. Come with me and discover the most authentic local haunts, the facts behind the historic façades, the best in culture and entertainment and the beauty of its waterways and parks, lakes and forests.

Penny Croucher

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Recent Blog Posts

Articles from my most recent trips to Berlin, continuing the story of Berlin Unwrapped.

Temples of Drama and Music

Temples of Drama and Music

The very word opera conjures up high drama - and no city does it better than Berlin. Over the past century it has experienced lawlessness and decadence, followed by dictatorship, terror, poverty, division and reunification. Berlin is an opera in its own right and has...

The Fantastic Futurium

The Fantastic Futurium

And now for something completely different – a museum that looks forward to the future rather than back to the past. Called the ‘Futurium’ or ‘House of Futures’, it opened to the public on 5th September and poses the huge question: “How do we want to live in the...

My Story

I lived in Berlin in the 1980s and worked there as a journalist and tour guide. My first Berlin guidebook was about a divided city; “Berlin – An English Guide to Known and Unknown treasures”, (1987).  I have also translated books about Berlin from German into English, all published by be.bra verlag Berlin.

Berlin is now my second home. I make regular visits, have led dozens of trips and school exchanges and have closely observed its renaissance as the capital of a reunited Germany. Its history, its resilience and its optimism have universal appeal. Anyone with a free spirit can tune into the Berlin feeling. It is more than a place; it is a state of mind.