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My Berlin

I lived in Berlin in the 1980s and worked there as a journalist and tour guide. My first Berlin guide book was about a divided city; “Berlin – An English Guide to Known and Unknown treasures”, (1987). I have also translated a number of books about Berlin into English, all published by be.bra verlag Berlin.

Berlin is now my second home. I make regular visits and have led dozens of trips and student exchanges to this extraordinary city. Its history, its resilience and its optimism have universal appeal. I believe that anyone with a free spirit can tune into the Berlin feeling. It is more than a place, it is a state of mind. We can all be Berliners. 

Following the themes of my guide book ‘Berlin Unwrapped’, I write about city centre sights, culture and history, entertainment and places off the beaten track. I also give insider tips on cafés, restaurants, bars, shops and markets. I have a passion for Berlin and enjoy sharing all my discoveries. 

Penny Croucher


Berlin Unwrapped: The ultimate guide to a unique city. Publisher: be.bra Verlag 2012

Berlin – An English guide to known and unknown treasures. Publisher: Haude & Spener 1987

Translations for be.bra Verlag Berlin

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Berlin under the Swastika

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Saxony – A Short History

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Blauer Engel aus Berlin (Marlene Dietrich)

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Panorama from the Berlin TV tower

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